St. Joseph County Spay Neuter Assistance Program (SJC-SNAP)  
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Other Low Cost Spay/Neuter Options

For any income clients:
ABC Clinic of Pet Refuge
574-291-SPAY (291-7729)
Frantz Fund
Neuter Scooter
Pet Refuge

For income-qualified clients:
SJC-SNAP Spay/Neuter Days
Local veterinary clinics donate their time to spay and neuter animals from income qualifying households for an entire day. Thank you to our participating clinics!

Email : to get on a waiting list for future Spay/Neuter Days!

Please see the following rules and regulations:
1. Clients must apply using the regular SJC-SNAP application.
2. Animals have to be fully vaccinated* and healthy before the surgery can be done. These costs are the clients responsibility.**
3. There is a limit of 2 animals per household per calendar year.
4. Additional costs for medical complications during or after the surgery will be the responsibility of the client.

* Proof of Current Rabies Certificate and other standard vaccinations MUST Be Provided By Owner before surgery.
** Vaccinations assistance is available for SNAP clients at



MYTH: I'll find good homes for all the puppies and kittens.
FACT: Each home you find means one less home for the dogs and cats in shelters who need good homes. Also, in less than one year's time, each of your pet's offspring may have his or her own litter. The problem of pet overpopulation is created and perpetuated one litter at a time.



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